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We are a constantly growing All-In-One Directory and Community of Holistic Medicine & Mental Health Practice, covering all modalities of alternative medicine, complementary medicine, holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine, psychological or mental health practitioners, doctors, counselors, healers, therapists and schools and training centers nationwide and worldwide! Founded by a professional group of well-experienced holistic medicine doctors and mind-body healing practitioners under our master of holistic medicine & spiritual energy healing, we are a unique natural medicine and spiritual healing family!

We are dedicated to helping you find the best doctors, practitioners, therapists and healers in alternative, holistic medicine, mind-body medicine, and as well as healing products, events, workshops, materials or educational institutions. Our goal is to bring well-trained, successfully experienced, kind heart healing professionals, businesses and their clients, patients, learners and students together, establishing a unique, caring, warm, friendly, supportive, highly professional and skilled, trustworthy, no side-effect and not harmful but effective, and energetic healing and wellness family. Natural, spiritual healing is a beautiful and shining spirit, culture, art, personality, life style and journey. If you are such a soul, then right here you found your home on the earth – no matter you are an individual who wants to gain true health of your whole being, mind, body and spirit, or you are a healer, doctor or practitioner in this field, then you will certainly love this place – a special, never forgotten home to grow and succeed spiritually, mentally and physically.

If you are an individual who is interested in optimal health through natural and non-side effects healing approaches – holistic medicine and alternative healing – all kinds of mind-body-spirit whole being healing modalities as listed in our categories below, you can browse and search our directory to find your doctor, practitioner or healer in your area or in distance place to help you. You also can ask questions and communicate with any practitioners or request an appointment through our secured private message inbox. Click here to find your best-matched health practitioner and start your natural health and whole being healing journey.

If you are a practitioner, doctor or healer practicing any modality of holistic medicine, alternative healing, integrative medicine, naturopath, mind-body medicine, spiritual healing, psychological healing, acupuncture, natural herbs, Yoga, TaiChi, qigong (chi kung), meditation, distant healing, channeling, … (please refer our complete list of over 300 categories below), then you can create your profile, list your practice business, services, products, events, classes, workshops, healing materials (CD, DVD, audio, books, etc.) on our directory. You also can create your own web space where allows you to post messages, updating your service, connecting with your clients or patients. You can create your appointment calendar that will remind both of you and your clients before appointment time. You can upload your business photos, images and videos to exhibit galleries and show your activities, business features. You even can share healing stories, post testimonials from your clients. You can write articles, case reports or research papers and publish it on our online magazine – Journal of Holistic Medicine and Mind-Body Healing Science. You can have message inbox to answer questions asked by your clients. We provide an active and energetic platform to motive your business and help people over the nation and the world to gain best health of whole being, the mind, body and spirit. You will discover many unique, user-friendly, well-considered, and useful features in our website to help you grow your healing practice. Click here to start listing your practice business now.

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Unique Yoga center in South California! We are the only yoga center serving South California for over decades. Over thousands of people learned to relax, enjoy greater life, peace of mind, health and well being as quickly as

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About MBSI: Mind-Body Science Institute (MBSI), is the institution established for the purposes of: (1) providing mind-body holistic natural healing (Brainwave-Meridian Therapy [TM], BMT) treatment, training, certification,

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