Q&A for Clients (Users or Visitors)

Q01. Is it free of charge to register as a client?

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A01. Yes, it is absolutely free of charge to register as a client!

Q02. Who can register as a client?

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A02. Anyone who is interested in holistic medicine, alternative healing, mind-body practice, natural health practice, spiritual growth, improvement in relationship, communication, and all related practices, can be registered as a client.

To register as a client, go to the main menu on the top, click Signup and fill up a simple form (valid email address required). It’s all.

Q03. What are the benefits to register as a client?

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A03. As a registered client, (1) You can explore all contents published on this website, browse all information about holistic medicine doctors and practitioners all over the US and the world. (2). You can ask questions to our doctors, rate or review their services. (3). Sometime you can be qualified for discount price of sessions, products, or receive our doctor’s coupons for saving. (4). You even can make an appointment on our website – if approved by the doctor, you will be notified through email. (5). You can read posts, articles, case report, healing stories, research magazine in the field of holistic medicine, and (6). many more benefits you can enjoy.

The best is that (7). all these are free of charge, in addition to all these,  (8). it will help you gain a true health of whole person – mind, body and spirit, develop a healthy lifestyle through holistic medicine, alternative healing, mind-body practice, natural health, spiritual growth, and improvement in relationship, communication, and all related practices.

Q04. Do I have to register as a client to use this website?

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A04. No, you don’t have to. You still can use our website to search practitioners, receiving benefits (1), (5)~(8), but you will not be able to receive benefits as a registered client, such as listed  (2)~(4) in the question 03.  Registered client is free of charge. All you need is a valid email address.

Q&A for Business Owners & Vendors

A01. How much does it cost to register as a business or vendor to list business or products and how?

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Q01. We have different options (subscribed advertisement plans) for business owners and vendors to choose. Go to the top menu and click on Signups, and fill up a simple registration form to apply for business owner and/or vendor. For more information about how, who and why to register as a business owner or vendor, please visit this page.

A02. Who can register as business owner and/or vendor?

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If you own a practice business and/or want to sell products, healing materials, events, classes, lectures or workshops, etc., then you can register as a business owner. Depending whether or not you want to become a vendor to sell product, you can choose different plan upon your need. However if you only want to become a vendor and sell products, you still need to register as a business owner and then choose the plan that allows you to become a vendor.

To register as a business owner and/or vendor, go to the main menu on the top, click Signup and fill up a simple form (valid email address required).

For more information about who are qualified to register and list business or products, please visit this page.

A03. Why should I list practice business on this directory?

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We are the place where constantly increasing number of customers come from all over the country and the world to search doctors, practitioners, healers, and related clinics, healing centers, products, events, classes, workshops and healing materials (e.g., books, instruction audio/videos etc.) in all kinds of alternative medicine, holistic medicine, natural healing, and mind-body-spirit practices for their optimal health, chronic issues, daily health and healing purposes. For more details, please Read More.

General Q&A

Q01. Why sometime it shows “Geolocation services failed” error message and how to fix it?

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Our website incorporated with Google map to help you search your holistic medicine practitioners, and show there locations on the map. Sometime for an unknown reason, however, the Google map may not respond at the moment when the page starts up. But in most cases you can just ignore this error message, which will disappear in a few seconds. In fact it will not prevent you from searching the location, and the map will still display the correct POI (position of interest) on your map.

A02. Why do I got an error "HTTP 500" and how to fix it?

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The 500 Internal Server Error is a “server-side” error, meaning the problem is not with your PC or Internet connection but instead is a problem with the web site’s server. It is most likely due to a temporary problem in the server at the moment, you can simply do any of the following:

(1). Retry the web page by clicking the refresh/reload button button or trying the URL from the address bar again, if the server error is a temporary issue, then the server will resolve it by itself and the page will be loaded successfully.

(2). Come back later to try again.

(3). If the problem remains unsolved after multiple tries for a period of time, you can contact us for help.

If you cannot find your question and answer above, please feel free to contact us:

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