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Introduce to The Journal of Holistic Medicine (JHM)

The Journal of Holistic Medicine (JHM) is our official online magazine for the community of mind-body-spirit holistic medicine and alternative healing, covering a wide range of categories, benefits and purposes including scientific research, clinical case report, patient testimonial, education, training, and inspirational exploration and discussion, etc. Registered authors (doctors, therapists, scientists and professional writers or even patients/clients in the related fields) can submit papers or articles for review. The articles can be original writing by the author or a reprint from other sources. If it is a reprint from other source which was posted by one of our registered doctors, practitioners or clients, then it should specify the original author and source. Our editorial committee reviews all submissions and approves to publish. For the paper that passed the review and has been accepted by our journal, the paper will be published on our online magazine – The Journal of Holistic Medicine, available for the public.

This page is the collection of Published Articles on the JHM.  We hope you enjoy reading our articles contributed from our authors. Note that although our editorial reviewed the articles (original writing and reprint from other sources) before publishing, we do not have a way to confirm the content with direct scientific experiment, please read these articles as your own reference.

If you are a registered doctor, practitioner, health practice business owner, vendor, or our registered client and have an article to submit to our Journal of Holistic Medicine, please click here to visit our article submission page.

Researchers say this novel herbal powder suspension could treat depression naturally
Antidepressant, herbal medicine, Herbs, jujube, Lily bulb, major depressive disorder, medicinal plants, natural cures, natural medicine, plant cures, remedies, research,
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Protect your eye health with Korean starwort — especially if you’re diabetic
Protect your eye health with Korean starwort — especially if you’re diabetic
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Nutritional therapist: Boost your mood in three days with the “happiness diet”
Nutritional therapist and chef Christine Bailey recommends a “happiness diet” that will boost your mind in three days, as reported
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Natural Health News
Natural Medicine News is an online news website updated daily, covering a wide range of categories in natural medicine and
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