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Why Choose Us to List Your Health Practice

We are the place where constantly increasing number of customers come from all over the country and the world to search doctors, practitioners, healers, and related clinics, healing centers, products, events, classes, workshops and healing materials (e.g., books, instruction audio/videos etc.) in all kinds of alternative medicine, holistic medicine, natural healing, and mind-body-spirit practices for their optimal health, chronic issues, daily health and healing purposes.

If you have a practice business in any holistic medicine related fields or sell services, products, or host such events, you should list your business and services on our website. Your business will become popular because we are the place where increasing number of holistic medicine users constantly visit and explore quality healing resources. Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioners Directory is a very popular marketing place for holistic alternative medicine and health practice.

Many benefits beyond you expected!

As a subscribed business in holistic medicine or alternative healing, you can post your business information and full spectrum of business activities including details of your practice, services, products, events. You will have a unlimited business post area to update any news, events, thoughts, announcement, healing story, new development, or whatever you like the world and your clients (future clients/patients) know.

You can have your own inbox that helps you exchange messages with your clients or future clients. You can create your own appointment calendar to allow your clients to sign on your session or event appointments – a appointment book transparent between you and your clients, our system will remind both of you ahead of time of the appointment as you set.

Our system even set up your online payment to allow your clients to pay your service with a single click, saving your time and effort, letting you focus on your professional healing practice.

As newly registered business, you will be listed on the top of our list as featured business. We also select popular businesses to list in our featured business panel. You can update your business information for unlimited times and post unlimited news updates in your listing area. You also connect with your clients with the private message inbox. And more such features make your business active and popular in this special holistic alternative healing community.

If you need help to list your business, please do not hesitate to  contact us.

To expand your practice and help more people gain true health, please  List Your Practice Business with Us Now.